Sega Saturn

The Sega Saturn requires no modification to get RGB output, just an RGB SCART cable.  Please see below for more detailed information:

UK Seller - Select csync from the drop-down menu and make sure to select your correct model Saturn (explained below):

Sega Saturn NTSC RGB SCART cable

Sega Saturn PAL RGB SCART cable

US Seller - If you have trouble with this cable on a model 2 Saturn, try adding a 220uF capacitor to the sync line on your RGB SCART cable.  The seller listed above includes this as an option:

Sega Saturn NTSC RGB SCART cable csync  /  Upgrade to shielded coax cable 

Sega Saturn PAL RGB SCART cable csync  / Upgrade to shielded coax cable

Saturn Versions:

There were two models of the Saturn released, each one having different motherboard revisions. The best way to tell the difference in models is the oval vs. round buttons and the “Sega” logo on the front (as shown in the picture below). Please click on the picture if you'd like a more detailed explanation, as well as some comparison pictures:

To summarize
, here’s what I suggest:

- If you have trouble with the RGB SCART cable linked above, your console may have an issue with it's on-board sync signal.  If that's the case, try adding a 220uF capacitor to the sync line on your RGB SCART cable.  Alternatively, you can order a cable that uses luma as sync.

- If you're looking to buy a Saturn, I've consistantly had better luck with Model 1 Saturns (all US NTSC, I haven't tested PAL or NTSC-J), but I've only tried about a dozen. If you're a die-hard Saturn fan, I suggest researching further to find out which motherboard revision of each region (NTSC or PAL) has the best video output for your solution.

- To be clear, there isn't a "bad" version of the Saturn: All the ones I've tested output an excellent quality image, provided there's nothing wrong with that individual system.

If you’re a 16-bit gamer and have never used a Saturn, I did a small review of it, but please remember the review is from the point of view of an "old fart gamer" who prefers 16-bit (and older) systems. If those style games aren't your favorite, this isn't for you: Saturn Review.

If you'd like info on mods for other systems, head to the Getting RGB From Each System page or check out the main page for more retro-awesomeness.