Welcome to RetroRGB.com. This site will provide all the information you'll need to get the best audio and video quality out of your classic game consoles, as well as ways to repair and maintain them. If you're already a retro-console expert, you can go directly to the Console Info & Mod section, for info on almost every classic system!  

All video-related info on this site, requires you to use the RGB output of your game console. If you'd like a detailed walkthrough that describes everything you'd need to know about RGB from your systems, please click on the large RGB Walkthrough icon below to get started. I recommend this guide to everyone, including experts, as this is the only place I know of that you can find all the info you need, all in one place. If it's you're first time visiting this site, you should really give it a read. 
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Below you'll find links to other sections of this site that all classic-gaming fans will benefit from (I highly recommend reading the top 4): 

RGB From Each System

This is the ultimate section of the website. It has detailed information on getting the best audio and video out of each classic console (specializing in Sega and Nintendo), as well as which versions of the consoles are the best to get!


Game Cleaning

A guide that describes the best way to clean your cartridge-based games.


Console Cleaning

A guide that shows you how to clean both your consoles and controllers in a way that makes them look brand new.


Controller Repair

After cleaning, are your controllers still giving you trouble? Try the tricks in this section!


Modding Tools

A page that lists the basic tools needed to perform the mods on this site.



Don't feel like performing any of these mods yourself?  Check the web store, maybe I'll have some for sale!?


Connect a VGA source to an RGB Monitor

This guide clears up the confusion on how to connect your PC, Mac, or other VGA source to your RGB monitor.


iOS / Android Gaming

A page that showcases controllers and emulators on mobile devices. (coming soon).


Gaming Stations / Carts

A page dedicated to the gaming stations I've created...may be helpful for gamers with limited space.


Want List

Feel like selling me something cheap...or maybe even donating???

Wii 4-in-1 Adapter

A review of an adapter that allows you to use the original controllers on a Nintendo Wii.


About Me

An About Me section that describes how all of this came about.

I'll be constantly updating the site with tweaks / corrections and small additions. Please check my Facebook and Twitter accounts for news on site updates (don't worry, I'm not one of those annoying posters who clog your feeds)!