CDi - Top Loader

Top-loading CDi's can be modded for S-Video, but not RGB.  It appears the Brooktree Bt9106KPJ video encoder doesn't support RGB-output at all.  Alternatively, the Bt9107 found in PAL front-loading CDi's does support RGB, as well as the Sony CXA chip found in the CDi-220

It's theorized that moving a BT9107 chip from a front-loading PAL CDi into a top-loader might allow for an RGB mod.  Unfortunately, I can't find a datasheet for either chip, so not much progress is being made.  Also, I'm not sure if all top-loading CDi's use this chip, as there are a few different versions.  At the moment, there's a thread on Assemblergames about it, but I'm not expecting a solution soon.


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