Want List

If anyone has any of this stuff for sale, please contact me and let me know. I don't have much extra cash, but if it's a fair price, I'll certainly be willing to pay.  For the record, I am not asking for and will not accept money donations.  I put a zillion hours into this website, simply as result of my geekiness, my love for old video games and to help people who wanted to do the same RGB mods I did.  That being said, if you have any old video games or systems you're not using, I'll take whatever you've got!  Anyway, here's the full list of everything I'm currently looking for, in order of importance:


RGB Monitors (really high priorety):

Sony BXM-68x (RGB input card for BVM monitors)

Sony BVM-D24E1WU (24" RGB monitor)

Sony BVM-D32E1WU (32" RGB monitor)

Sony BVM-20F1U (20" RGB monitor)

NEC XM29, or XM37

Mitsubishi Megaview / Diamond Scan 30+


Console-related stuff (high priority):

Playstation 3 CECHA01, preferably on the 3.55 Firmware

Neo Geo Pocket K2_Video, as described in the NGP section.

Famicom 3D Adapter or homebrew equivilent (I don't need the glasses, just the adapter):


Console-related stuff (low priorety, just want it cheap):

Colecovision ROM cart

Super Nintendo
Konami Justifier
Game Genie that’s SNES Mini compatible
Any game that's not compatible with the sd2snes:  http://sd2snes.de/blog/compatibility

Atari Jaguar
6 button controller
Jaguar CD Attachment

Sega Master System Games:
Pretty much any 3D game except Missile Defense and Maze Hunter (I already have multiple copies of those)

Classic Atari:
5200, 7800 Systems
ROM cart for the 5200 and 7800

Nintendo Games:
Super Mario Bros 2 - In excellent condition, cart only; no box needed:

GameCube Games:
Zelda: The Wind Waker (have the box and manual, lost the disc)

Light Gun
Daytona (CIB)

Playstation 2
Kingdom Hearts (I have the disc, need box & manual)
Final Fantasy XII Collectors Edition (I have the disc, need box & manual)

Anything NeoGeo-related
I have the Neo Geo home systems, but don't have many games or accessories.  I'd definitely like an MVS stand-up system, as well as any cartridge games for either.

Amiga 32CD
I've literally never even heard of one of these until recently.  It would be fun to play with an RGB-mod.

Thanks for looking!  Head back to the main page for more retro-awesomeness!