Trusted Modders

Many people complained that this page was a backhanded insult to people who weren't listed on it.  It was never meant that way, but I totally understand, so I removed everyone from it.



I try very hard to keep this website and everything around it positive and supportive.  I don't ever want this site to turn into a negative place...but seeing all the terrible work that people charge their customers for makes me really upset.  I'll hold off as long as I can, but if you keep overcharging people for terrible work, I will create a "bad modders" page, with proof of your terrible work.  There are currently four major offenders on eBay that have ripped off hundreds of people.  You know who you are.  Improve your work and stop ripping people off immediately, or we'll post pictures of your screen name and mod work publicly for everyone to see.  It's not fair that you've ruined many people's consoles and we in the retro gaming community won't stand for it.


Please feel free to check out the other pages on this site, as there's tons more retro-awesomeness to share!  Also, if you haven't read the RGB guide, I strongly recommend it to everyone who has even a small interest in retro gaming.