Otaku SCART Switch Review

Here’s a short review of an inexpensive SCART / RCA switch from Otaku-Games.   It doesn’t have any of the options or enhancements of the gscartsw, but I think it might be a good start for people looking for an inexpensive option! SCART Switch Page:  http://retrorgb.com/scartswitches.htmlOtaku Switch:  https://otaku-games.com/index.php?_route_=misc/rgb/scart-switches

Extron Crosspoint Touchscreen Remote Control

Dochartaigh has just created a wireless, touchscreen interface for Extron Crosspoint switches!  You’ll first need a Crosspoint with an Ethernet port, plus the ability to log in and configure it (USB to serial?).  After that, just download the files John posted and follow his instructions:  https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=63212 Personally, I think it looks awesome and is a great […]

New GameCube controllers and Multitap coming for Switch

Nintendo will release rebranded Smash Bros. GC pads with a Switch logo on the box to coincide with the new Smash Bros. game releasing on November 16th.  A new version of the multitap will be available on December 7th, but there’s no confirmation if it will be USB or wireless.  My guess is this is just […]