All other products for sale on other pages of this site are simply links to other people's stores - No "products" are sold on this site.  This page is a link to my eBay store, plus a list of items that are pickup-only.


Neo Geo Arcade Cabinet:
This is a conversion cab with a 1-slot MVS board and a MINT condition CRT.  It'll come with an original MVS game and the Darksoft multicart.  This isn't the best choice for a Neo Geo collector who wants something all-original, but it's perfect
for someone who just wants an awesome Neo Geo cab!


RGB Monitors*:
Sony KD-30XS955:
This is a 30" 16:9 (widescreen) consumer-grade TV, with an HDMI input!!!  It's one of the few CRT's to have HDMI and support up to 1080i.  WARNING:  This TV processes 240p (incorrectly) as 480i!!!!  It should be used for people who want to play 6th gen & up consoles, such as the PS2, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Wii, Wii U etc.

Flight case for 20" Monitors
It's literally a case designed for shipping BVM's.  LOL, this thing is like 50lbs just by itself!

14” Sony PVM-14M2U
I think I'm keeping this one.  It's a little worn, but great for testing!

- All monitors are tested and working, but sold as-is.
- No returns.
- As CRT's are moved, you might get a bit of discoloration on the screen.  Degaussing and calibrating will almost always fix this.
 - CRT's are heavy with unevenly distributed weight.  My back is broken and I can't really lift anything, so I'm mostly useless to help.  I recommend either bringing a few friends to help carry it, or hiring a shipping company.
 - All CRT's will eventually need to be "refurbished" and the most common component that needs to be replaced are the capacitors.  Regardless of condition, I'd assume these (and any other CRT you buy elsewhere) do too.  BVM's can have the cards removed and shipped out for recapping relatively cheaply.  Most PVM's don't have this option.

**These two monitors aren't being sold by me, but they're coming from a trusted friend.  I figured since people might be coming here looking for monitors, I'd list these and help everyone out. 


RGB Cables:

RetroRGB does not make or sell RGB cables, however each console page has links to two different stores you can purchase them from:

As an FYI, cable sellers are now offering "JP21" cables.  This is a type of SCART that was only used in Japan.  Unless you have 100% Japanese switches / consoles / equipment, it's best to just use SCART.


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