SNES Vertical Line Issue

One problem that’s plagues some SNES consoles is a vertical line constantly going down the center of the screen. Please read on for more information:


The vertical line is most noticeable right when the console is powered on (hence the above shot), or in games with lots of dark scenes, such as Super Metroid. It’s believed the vertical bar is caused by the power drop during DRAM refresh. This is something I remember seeing when I was a kid and it’s a widely talked about issue.


Capacitor fix:

Over the years, people have suggested many ways to reduce or remove the white line. At the moment, it seems the best method is to add capacitors. Here's more information and you can click on the picture for a full-sized view (thanks to Paul T for the pic!):

- Start by adding a 16v 470uF capacitor to the voltage regulator (which is attached to the heatsink), as shown in the bottom-right picture. Note the orientation of the cap and that the negative end (the side with the stripe) is connected to the center pin!  If that doesn't work, you can try a 1000uF cap as well.

- If after trying both caps you're still having trouble, you can try adding two 16v, 220uF caps to the S-RGB chip as shown on the bottom-left picture: Solder the negative ends (with the stripe) to ground pin #13 and each positive end of the cap to the two 5v pins 6 & 19 (thanks to Mark for that tip):


RGB Bypass as a solution for 1CHIP / Mini Consoles:

I've personally seen an RGB bypass fix the white line issue on many SNES consoles and it's one of the reasons I've recommended beginners use a bypass instead of the on-board amp for the Mini. That being said, if you have a 1CHIP (no RGB mod needed), or if you've already done the on-board RGB mod to a SNES Mini, then the above fix might be a better overall solution.


Other Fixes / Information:

There have been a few other fixes reported over the years. I haven't had time to test them, but wanted to add the information in case it could help someone else.

Alex / ArcadeTV suggested replacing the big 2200uF capacitor plus three 220uF: one on the output of the 7805 and the two remaining on the supply-pins of the S-RGB IC. Here's a link for more information:

Here's another possible fix:



Please contact me and share your results! Did the cap trick not work, but the bypass did? The other way around? I'm always curious to see other people's outcome.


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