OSSC Arcade Timings

Are you one of the rare, elite teams looking to stream your arcade setups in perfect RGB quality?  If so, pay attention to this page, as it will soon be hosting the ideal timings for arcade boards when used with the OSSC.


Voltage Warning!!!

Please check your RGBs output voltages before using the OSSC!!!  Improper voltages can kill your OSSC and other SCART equipment!  More safety info coming soon!



Arcade Board Timings:

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Line3x set from generic to optimal 320×240
go to sampling options
Go to adv timing of 320×240
Horiz back porch 49
H synclen 35
H. Samplerate 400
V active 260
V back porch 14
V synclen 5


Arcade Board #1

Video LFP = 95MHz


B/Pb Gain = 52
G/Y Gain = 59
R/Pr Gain = 53


B/Pb Offset = 159
G/Y Offset = 158
R/Pr Offset = 158




As an FYI, for console timing, please see FirebrandX‘s OSSC page:  http://www.firebrandx.com/osscprofiles.html