Behar Bros Announce New Version of Garo

The Behar Bros have just announced an updated version of their component to VGA / RGB SCART converter called the Garo.  The updated version will address issues some people had with the previous version, as well as adding darker scanlines.  According to Yosi: “It’s totally redesigned by adding a dedicated video buffer and a new […]

Game Boy Interface Software Update

Extrems has just updated the Game Boy Interface software, with 360p support for HD Retrovision SNES cables using PAL GameCube’s (NTSC not compatible).  Some examples comparing it to other solutions can be found here: More information can be found here: The @HDRetrovision SNES YPbPr Component Cable seem alright with the PAL GameCube, and 360p does […]

Super SD System 3 FU-RGB Board Now Available

Mobius Strip Tech has just made the video repair board for the SSDS3 unit available to purchase: You can purchase just the board, the board + installation and even the installation of the FBX audio fix as well, however you must supply the audio board directly (Mobius doesn’t sell those). It's Monday. Sales are live. […]

8bitdo announces wireless adapter for the Playstation Classic

8bitdo has been on fire over the last year releasing controllers and adapters for many of our beloved past and current consoles.  Today, it’s the Playstation Classic’s turn.  In a tweet, they announced their new wirelesss bluetooth adapter.  If you’re familiar with their products, it looks exactly like their older wireless bluetooth adapter, but instead […]

KTRL CD32 Adapts SNES USB Controllers to Amiga CD32

A new kit by MickGyver, the KTRL CD32, converts cheap SNES USB controllers to the Amiga CD32, complete with button remapping, auto-fire, memory, and more. Leon Kiriliuk posted some pictures of the kit on Twitter. Source: Instructions: