1994 Cancelled Sega Genesis Game to be Released in 2019

The company Strictly Limited Games is reviving a cancelled 1994 Genesis 2D shooter called “Hardcore”.  They’re completing the development using original Sega Mega Drive development hardware, to preserve the authentic experience of the original Digital Illusions creation!  The game is scheduled for both a digital and physical release in 2019 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, […]

Borti updates N64Advanced Firmware

Borti just posted a new firmware for his open-source, N64Advanced board:   According to Borti, the update includes some minor fixes, plus: Improved timing constraints (also for #N64RGB) New scanline method (considering neighbored lines instead of just previous or next one) Improved 480i de-interlacing The N64Advanced is one of two video kits designed by […]

SD2SNES SA-1 Firmware Update v0.6

Redguy has just posted another update to his SD2SNES SA-1 Firmware, focusing on slowdown and stability fixes: Reduces the amount of slowdown j-league sees when many players are on the screen. Changes snes/sa1 interfaces which may improve stability on certain consoles. Users of the existing SA-1-compatible firmware can just extract this right on top of […]

SNES Party Browser Netplay

A website just launched that allows you to play multiplayer SNES ROMs across the net via a web browser: I just tried it with a friend and it’s really laggy.  We both have pretty fast internet connections (mine’s 900Mbps) and it was mostly unplayable for the remote player.  I was the one hosting the ROM and […]

Original Xbox Controller “Mini Wheel”

Someone just posted a 3D-printed “mini rack and pinion racing wheel” for original Xbox controllers.  There were a lot of great racing games on the Xbox and I bet a “wheel” like this would be an excellent addition to some of those games:   #xbox, #3dprint, #controller, #mods  

Tanglewood: Interview and Playthrough with creator Matt Phillips

Here’s an interview with Matt, creator of the new Genesis / Mega Drive game Tanglewood.  During the interview, I show my playthrough of just past the first chapter of the game, recorded on real hardware!!!  An audio-only version of the interview is available here. Here’s links to Matt and the game itself, as well as demo’s: Purchase […]