Sony Announces PlayStation “Classic” Console

Sony  just announced the “PlayStation Classic” emulation console, that looks just like the original, but 45% smaller.  Gee, I wonder where they got that idea from.  And the inspiration for the name?  Hmm…they must still be sore about getting stiffed over the CDi… The console will be releasing December 3rd for $100 and will come […]

TUTORIAL for TVOne Corio2 240p Downscalers

Dochartaigh recently posted an excellent tutorial that describes how to find and use the proper TVOne boxes for use in downscaling to 240p:   “Downscaling” is something that’s often misunderstood and in my opinion a very good way to preserve a “classic” or “arcade” feel on newer games.  It’s also a good method for playing […]

Extron Crosspoint Touchscreen Remote Control

Dochartaigh has just created a wireless, touchscreen interface for Extron Crosspoint switches!  You’ll first need a Crosspoint with an Ethernet port, plus the ability to log in and configure it (USB to serial?).  After that, just download the files John posted and follow his instructions: Personally, I think it looks awesome and is a great […]

Saturn 2.4G Wireless Controller Kit – 1st Review Posted

hugo19941994 on the Shmups forums has just posted what I believe is the first English review of the new 2.4GHz wireless kit for Sega Saturn controllers: This kit replaces the innards of your stock Sega Saturn controller with it’s own wireless kit and connects to a dongle that plugs into the cartridge port on […]

GCVideo v2.4b Firmware Updated to Address Chroma Bug

Unseen just published a firmware update for all GCVideo devices (analog, digital, dual, Wii, etc) that addresses a chroma bug: From what I gathered, the bug happens when GCVideo converts from the GC’s native signal format of YCbCr to RGB. Component video output was unaffected.  Extrems demonstrated this via screenshots on his page: Unfortunately, […]