MiSTer SNES Core Released

As I reported last week, a new and never-before-seen Super Nintendo FPGA emerged recently and took the world by surprise. Srg320 presented a relatively complete SNES implementation, complete with special chip integration. Now that core is on MiSTer. SNES FPGA porting to MiSTer proceeded at a tremendous pace, with ElectronAsh undertaking the effort to get […]

MiSter Core Updates: Genesis, SMS, NES, GB, TG16

A big rounds of MiSTer core updates went out over the weekend. The most important is the addition of Ijor’s cycle-accurate Motorola 68000 soft-core to the Genesis core, as expected. As well as the addition of Sega Game Gear support added to the Sega Master System core, and official Famicom Disk System support added into […]

RetroTINK2X In Stock at Videogame Perfection

Videogame Perfection now has the ZERO-LAG RetroTINK2x units in-stock and shipping!  Anyone in Europe who’s been waiting should jump on this chance while they can!  Also, any impatient ‘merican’s can grab theirs as well, since US distributors won’t receive stock for a few more weeks: For more info and details about the RetroTINK2x, check out […]

FirebrandX’s SSDS3 Audio Bypass Board Pre-Order

  UPDATE:  Sold out, but back in stock soon! FirebrandX has just posted a pre-order page for his SSDS3 audio bypass.  This board is a relatively easy installation and removes all of the audio noise that’s a result of the SSDS3’s design flaws.  Pre-order information as well as installation instructions can be found on FBX’s website: […]

No N64 Mini Being Planned

  Despite the shameless clickbait of many YouTubers spreading rumors just trying to steal views,  Nintendo has confirmed that there are no plans for an N64 Mini.  Nintendo NA president Reggie Fils-Amie stated the reasons as: “We were clear when we did the first two Classic series that, for us, these were limited time opportunities […]

NVGM Finds a REAL Vectrex Mini

  The National Video Game Museum has recently just come across a real Vectrex Mini – Something that was thought by many to only exist in the form of a mockup and not a real working prototype.  Hopefully they’ll post more information soon and will consider putting it on display at their Fresco, TX location:   We've […]

Raspberry Pi 3 A+

The Raspberry Pi Foundation just released the Raspberry Pi 3 A+: a form-factor version of the B+ with less RAM (512 MB of SDRAM instead of 1GB), only one USB port and no Ethernet port. The A+ base unit is now selling for 25$, 10$ cheaper than its bigger brother, the B+. Also, The Raspberry […]