NES RGB Comparison Pics

This page shows picture examples of what the NES looks like after being modded with a PC-10 RGB PPU.  The pictures demonstrate two things:

- Difference in picture quality between composite video and RGB.

- Difference in color palette between the PlayChoice-10 RGB chips and the original NES color palette.  Please see the PC-10 page for an explanation of why there are differences.

Please note:  Not all RGB methods use the different color palette, only the PC-10.  Some can actually switch between the original composite video colors, the PC-10 colors and an "enhanced" palette (see the the NES HDMI / RGB mods page for more details).

As always, I made sure the pictures truly represented the image on the screen, so you can see the best examples possible.  One other thing to note is I used an RGB monitor as the display.  The monitor makes the composite video output of the NES look a million times better than a regular TV, so the pictures show the best of both worlds!  Click on each for full-sized versions:


Also, here's a video SensatoKuro made that shows the differences between each of the color palettes offered by the NESRGB.  It's a great way to see the differences in real-time (make sure to watch in HD):

Feel free to go back to the main NES page, or the the NES HDMI / RGB mods page for more info.