Nintendo 64 RGB SCART Cables 
(and sync information)

Generally speaking, figuring out which N64 RGB cable to use can get complicated, so I wanted a page that simplifies things as best as possible.  This cables shown on this page will work with either the basic or advanced RGB mods.  Some cables may be labeled as "SNES" cables, but if they're linked on this page, they should work.



Unless your RGB mod specifically addresses csync, I suggest using luma as sync.  The top link offers a version with a sync stripper built in, if csync is required:

Click here for the N64 (SNES) RGB SCART cable (NTSC)  (UK Seller)

Click here for the N64 (SNES) RGB SCART cable (NTSC)  Upgrade to coax cable  (US Seller)

PAL N64 RGB SCART Cable (Do not use an NTSC cable on a PAL console)

Unless your RGB mod specifically addresses csync, you'll need an RGB cable that gets sync from composite video.  Cables with a sync stripper built in is available if csync compatibility is required.  Keep in mind that using a sync stripper in a SCART head only helps with compatibility, not video signal interference;  That needs to be addressed on the board itself.

Click here for the PAL N64 (SNES) cable

Once again, please make sure to never use use an NTSC cable in a PAL system, including a sync-on-luma cable, as all PAL N64's have S-Video issues and some won't output luma at all:


Getting csync directly from the N64 (this gets complicated, I really suggest just using the cables above):

Basic RGB Mods:
I've you've installed a basic RGB mod and you have motherboard revisions NUS-CPU-01 or NUS-CPU-02 (and some -03's), they might actually have csync (but not RGB) already connected to pin 3 (csync) on the multi-out (not PAL!). If you have one of those board revisions, you'll most likely be able to just purchase a NTSC SNES RGB cable that gets sync from the csync pin. I say "most likely", because I've seen csync from some N64's work on some equipment, but not others. For example, I had an N64 that worked on my RGB monitor with a csync RGB SCART cable, but not through my switch and capture card which are pretty sensitive to sync.

For more information on which serial numbers have each motherboard revision, please visit these sites:  /

As an FYI, the NUS-CPU-03 (pictured above) and newer revisions I've tried don't have csync run to the multi out.  You can try to get sync from pin 14 of the VDC-NUS chip and connect it to pin 3 on the multi-out, however you'll need to create the correct circuit around it.  I haven't done the measurements yet to determine exactly what you need, so it might be best just using a basic RGB board that includes the sync stripper method.


Advanced RGB Mods / Internal Sync Stripper
If you've installed an RGB mod and require csync directly from the multi-out, using a sync stripper is a great option.  First, start by making SURE there isn't a signal traveling to pin 3 (csync) on the multi-out!!!  The easiest and safest way to do this, is simply by removing capacitor "C22", which is connected to pin 3.  Alternatively, you can cut the trace on the motherboard, but removing the capacitor is safer, reversible and in my opinion, easier.  Either way, verify the connection has been severed by testing with a multimeter.  Click for full-sized:

Then, create a sync stripper circuit using composite video (pin 9) from the multi out as the input and connect the output to csync pin 3.



That's all the info I have for now. I'll continue to update this page as I learn more about N64 csync and please contact me if you have other info.  If you're looking for more information, mmmonkey has a few pages dedicated to this as well, here and here.


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