Sega Genesis

Sega Genesis / Mega Drive

The Sega Genesis / Megadrive versions 1, 2 and CDX require no modification to get RGB output. The Genesis 3’s can output RGB, but some require a modification. I strongly recommend you read this entire section, so you can find exactly what’s the best for your needs.


Best version of the Genesis This section shows you which is the best version of the Sega Genesis and why.

Genesis RGB Cables This page explains what RGB cables you need with each Genesis system.

Genesis 1 Stereo Audio Mod This page shows you an easy way to get stereo audio from your Genesis 1, without using the front headphone jack.

32x If you want to use your 32x with a Genesis 1 and enjoy stereo sound, you’ll need to use the method described on this page.

Sega CD This page clears up the confusion on the proper way to wire your Sega CD for stereo sound.

SMS 3D Adapter in a Genesis This page talks about integrating the Sega Master System 3D glasses adapter into a Sega Genesis Model 1, utilizing the headphone jack as the 3D Glasses input.

Genesis RGB Bypass This page shows how to bypass the Genesis’ internal RGB amp to remove jailbars and get the best possible signal output.

Summary / Tips:

There are many options and accessories available for the Genesis / Mega Drive and it can get really confusing trying to figure out the best way to use them.

– If you have a Genesis that outputs bad audio, you can install an amp upgrade to make it sound as good as the original model Genesis: Mega Amp – The universal Genesis audio circuit

– All Genesis systems output good quality RGB video, but are plagued with jailbars. You can research many different “fixes”, but the only fix I’ve found that works on every Genesis is to bypass the internal video processor with a new one.

– Genesis systems output csync a bit strangely. If you’re using a cable that uses csync, but are still having trouble with your setup (capture card, switch processor, etc) consider adding a sync stripper, or using luma as sync (with or without a sync stripper).

If you’d like info on mods for other systems, head to the Getting RGB From Each System page or check out the main page for more retro-awesomeness.