Atari 1088 XEL Motherboard Sale Update

MacRorie has just updated the ordering checklist for the Atari 1088 XEL motherboard sale: The 1088 XEL is a complete ground up redesign of the Atari 8-Bit Computer Motherboard.  It still uses the standard Atari VLSI chips, but is in a Mini-ITX Form Factor.  Completed motherboard can be ordered via the above forum link and […]

Neo Geo FPGA Core Update

Furrtek has just posted a progress update to his Neo Geo FPGA project.  It looks like there’s good progress and the sound chip is next.  Furrtek’s Patreon subscribers can read the full post here: It’s my personal opinion that open-source FPGA cores are essential to preserving the original experience without original hardware.  A big thank you […]

Virtualtap Project Updates

Furrtek posted status updates of his Virtual Boy TV-out project called the Virtualtap.  First, about one third of the boards have been made and progress is moving along steadily on the rest.  Second, Furrtek announced that the project will soon go open-source!  Both are exciting news and I’m looking forward to testing this myself once it […]

More Satiator Updates

Professor Abrasive just posted another update in regards to the Satiator project.  In short, the current board manufacturer is pretty much refusing to make the boards correctly, so he’s moving along to a better company that can also handle large orders.  There’s a longer lead-time, but much better scale-ability. Also, he’s finalizing the process of […]

Atari Jaguar Repro Pro Controllers Now Available For Pre-Order

The Atari Jaguar 6-button “pro” controllers are finally open for pre-order and must be ordered in pairs: The project started about a year ago, with the goal in mind to create the highest-quality reproduction controllers.  Great efforts have been made so that the outside is equal in quality to the original, official Atari controllers, with […]

DF Retro Mega Man 11 Review

John Linneman had just posted an excellent review of Mega Man 11: He covers absolutely all ground, including variable input lag between versions!: “The main point here, though, is that Mega Man 11 offers excellent, responsive controls that are a perfect fit for the series – high-speed camera shots reveal that Xbox One X delivers […]

Latest PS3 Firmware Breaks PS3Xploit

Sony just released PS3 firmware version 4.83, which breaks some components of the PS3Xploit jailbreak.  One of the main developers behind PS3Xploit has tweeted his warnings about upgrading and it’s advised that anyone with (or who was planning) a jailbreak should stay on the 4.82 firmware. PS3 Firmware 4.83 released, breaks ps3Xploit   4.83 PS3 Update […]