Retrobit to Show Officially Licensed Sega Products at Gamescon

Retrobit just announced that they’ll be unveiling their full line of officially-licensed Sega products this week at Gamescom 2018.  Due to arrive this November, the list of products will include: Genesis Wired 6-Button Original Port Controller (Black, Clear Blue) Genesis Wired 8-Button USB® Port Controller (Black, Clear Blue) Genesis Bluetooth® Controller (Black) Genesis Bluetooth® Receiver […]

gscartsw_lite pre-orders open August 27th

Superg will be opening pre-orders of the latest version of his gscartsw_lite next week, on Monday the 27th.  This is the version that will include an upgraded sync regeneration feature that includes RGsB (sync-on-green) support, as well as component (YPbPr) passthrough!  I believe the price will stay at $180 + shipping. When pre-orders open, they’ll […]

Refurbishing an Atari 800XL

I just saw a great blog post from someone who recently refurbished an Atari 800XL.  I thought it was a really great read and enjoyed reading about some of the methods they used!  I’d rather not spoil it, so I’ll just link to the post:   #atari800xl, #retrohax, #extremerefurbishing

Oscilloscope Pt 2: Component Video Testing with Ste

Here’s a continuation of Ste teaching us how to use an oscilloscope. This time we focus on testing component video testing, as well as brush up on our scope skills:     Here’s the full formula Ste used to calculate expected voltage differences: The below only applies to standard defintion and enhanced definition resolutions.i.e. 240p/288p/480i/576i/480p/576p ==================================== […]

1994 Cancelled Sega Genesis Game to be Released in 2019

The company Strictly Limited Games is reviving a cancelled 1994 Genesis 2D shooter called “Hardcore”.  They’re completing the development using original Sega Mega Drive development hardware, to preserve the authentic experience of the original Digital Illusions creation!  The game is scheduled for both a digital and physical release in 2019 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, […]