Raspberry Pi 3 A+

The Raspberry Pi Foundation just released the Raspberry Pi 3 A+: a form-factor version of the B+ with less RAM (512 MB of SDRAM instead of 1GB), only one USB port and no Ethernet port. The A+ base unit is now selling for 25$, 10$ cheaper than its bigger brother, the B+. Also, The Raspberry […]

PC Classic by Unit-e

Following Nintendo’s ultra-successful example, major gaming companies have been getting on the Mini/Classic systems bandwagon lately with variant results both in quality and commercial success. While everybody (not me) is waiting for the release of the semi-disappointing “PlayStation Classic” and the (official, not At Games junk) Sega Genesis/Mega Drive mini, a small company by the […]

A fan-made 8-port Gamecube controller adapter for the Switch

With the highly anticipated release of “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” (December 7, 2018), hardcore fans of the series are dusting off their weapon of choice for the game (especially when it comes to competitive multiplayer): non-other than the 17-year old Gamecube controller. Patrick Hess apparently wasn’t happy with the official 4-port Gamecube controller adapter released […]

Paprium “Launch Party” out-turn

Watermelon recently surprised everyone with announcing/organizing a release party for their long awaited and upcoming Sega Genesis/MD Beat-em-up game “Paprium”. Long believed to be nothing but vaporware by many, “Paprium” (earlier known as Project Y) has been been in development for almost 5 years (but on pre-order since March 2017) and Watermelon’s suspicious behavior (rarely […]

Sega Saturn controllers everywhere!

Well, not literally everywhere, but both Retro-bit and Hyperkin have new Sega Saturn controllers in their respective inventories of retro accessories. Retro-bit announced earlier this year that they’re teaming up with Sega to produce new controllers for the Genesis/Mega Drive and Saturn. Each model will receive 3 variants: original port, USB and Bluetooth (Bluetooth dongles/receivers […]

Intellivision Amico revealed at PRGE

Intellivision Entertainment revealed quite a few details about their previously announced console (in May 2018), at PRGE (Portland Retro Gaming Expo) this past weekend. Tommy Tallarico, current president of Intellivision, addressed the convention’s audience about the upcoming “Amico”; a dedicated 2D modern system that will, supposedly, be much easier to program for (precisely talking about […]